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BUSAN by hkskyline - #5 Onwards to Gukje Market

clock03-10-2010, 08:20 PM
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Busan is quite a beautiful city with hills and sea settings, and the city spreads itself around the geography and it's impossible to see everything from one vantage point. Change is in the air. A huge building is coming up and I took the time to go to the site to see for myself .. not much yet though.

[Resim: IMG_0911.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0912.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0909.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0913.jpg]

Too bad the weather wasn't so good. Next time I'm in Korea I might head back if the weather is good.

[Resim: IMG_0914.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0916.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0922.jpg]

I walked north from the Lotte site towards the international ferry terminals, where there is regular service to Japan, which isn't so far actually. I believe the ride to Fukuoka is only about 2-3 hours. Fellow HK forumer InitialD18 suggested I should've gone for a day trip. Breakfast in Busan, ramen in Fukuoka for lunch, and dinner in Busan again. [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

[Resim: IMG_0924.jpg]

While there are these tour buses that ply the city, I opted to do a bit of exploring on my own instead, although I did consult their itinerary to make sure I covered most of what they had.

[Resim: IMG_0920.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0928.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0927.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0929.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0934.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0936.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0939.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0941.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0937.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0931.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0945.jpg]

Need directions? I'm at the bottom right quadrant.

[Resim: IMG_0947.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0948.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0950.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0952.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0957.jpg]

I walked back inland and went to the Busan Modern History Museum, where I understood how deeply engrained the resentment towards the Japanese colonial rulers remained. The tone was very strong, at times overdone, but the Koreans have done a very good job educating their young on that part of history, amidst a wave of nationalism and whitewash attempts that have plagued Japan of late. I doubt the Japanese young are as aware of what happened in their parents' and grandparents' generations.

[Resim: IMG_0960.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0961.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0969.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0971.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0974.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0975.jpg]

The exhibition also includes a lot of photos showing Busan of the past. What a change it has been.

[Resim: IMG_0976-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0977-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0978-s.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0979-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0980-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0982-s.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0985-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0984-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0988-s.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_0990-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0992-s.jpg][Resim: IMG_0993-s.jpg]

Gukje Market is just around the corner from the museum. It's a huge web of many street markets that sell everything from clothes to metal pipes. The scale is very staggering, and Busan is a very lively city at the street level.

[Resim: IMG_0999.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1005.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1007.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1008.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1012.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1009.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1013.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1017.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1014.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1016.jpg]

I didn't think KFC were in the street vendor business. [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

[Resim: IMG_1020.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1025.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1030.jpg]

Being a foreigner with very little Korean language abilities, bargaining in this setting was a challenge. But in the end I did buy a few t-shirts.

[Resim: IMG_1028.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1031.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1032.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1029.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1026.jpg]

There are a lot of food stalls along this particular street. It's interesting to watch, but I wasn't brave enough to try until a bit later in the day.

[Resim: IMG_1034.jpg]

By the way, the seaweed rolls above are quite good. [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

[Resim: IMG_1035.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1036.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1037.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1045.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1041.jpg]

This market is just way too big! More in the next part, or you can check out my website if you can't wait.
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