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Bukchon cyber Walking Tour

clock03-28-2010, 11:56 PM
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Bukchon-or North Village because of its location North of the Cheonggyecheon (“clean water stream”, since July 2003 under restoration) - is located between Kyeongbok-kung and Changdoek-kung, two royal palaces of the Jeoson Dynasty (1392-1910). The close proximity to the palaces, the ideal geomantic location and the commanding view of Pugak-san and Inwang-san made the area a favourite residential area for high-ranking government officials and the nobility throughout the 600-year-old history of the capital Seoul. Nowadays, the name Bukchon refers to a hanok conservation zone (hanok = traditional Korean house).

Over the centuries, the area underwent many changes and the once homogenous and noble neighborhood deteriorated. In the 1930’s, existing big hanoks were often cut into several small ones for economic and social reasons. Most of them adopted as well modern architectural features. The development of Kangnam as new residential area in the 1970’s brought with this decentralization of downtown Seoul big changes to the Bukchon. In 1976, the hanoks were declared by the City of Seoul as Local Cultural Assets to protect them and preserve the Bukchon area, but economic pressure led to the destruction of many hanoks over the last years. Nowadays one walks through a crowded mix of high-rise apartment blocks, Western-style houses and hanoks. Yet passing through the numerous small winding alleys of the old village, one seems to be far away from the noisy Seoul! In October 2000, the City of Seoul launched a rehabilitation project for the preservation of the traditional residence district and to increase the number of hanoks. More than a quarter of the remaining 900 hanoks in the area are restored now or are under restoration. Some of the roads in the Bukchon recently got a new pavement; and by putting the wiring underground, many of the electricity poles, previously disturbing the view, are gone! [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

PIctures by me

Downtown Seoul from Bukchon

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more to come
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