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Changdeokgung - Palace of Prospering Virtue

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I initially had a grand plan to visit all five palaces and even Unhyeonggung, but unfortunately had time to visit only Changdeokgung.


Originally Posted by wikipedia

Changdeokgung (Changdeok Palace or Palace of Prospering Virtue) is a palace located in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the "Five Grand Palaces" built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty and because of its location east of Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeokgung is also referred to as the East Palace.

Changdeokgung was the favored palace of many kings of the Joseon Dynasty and retained many Korean elements dating the Three Kingdoms of Korea period that were not incorporated in the more formalistic Gyeongbokgung. One such element is the fact that the buildings of Changdeokgung blend with the topography of the site instead of imposing upon nature.

Construction of Changdeok Palace began in 1405, and was completed in 1412 with the construction of the main gate Donwhamun during the reign of King Taejong. King Sejo of Joseon expanded the palace grounds by about 500,000 square meters. The Palace was burnt to the ground during the Japanese invasion in 1592 and reconstructed in 1609 by King Sonjo and King Kwanghaegun. The next arson was in 1623 because of Injo Political Revolt against Kwanghaegun. The palace was also attacked by the Qing, French and the United States but throughout its history of reconstruction and repair, has remained faithful to its original design. Changdeokgung was the site of the royal court and the seat of government until 1872, when the neighboring Gyeongbokgung was rebuilt. Korea's last king, King Sunjong lived here until his death in 1926.

Today there are 13 buildings remaining on the palace grounds and 28 pavilions in the gardens, occupying 110 acres (45 hectares) in all and the area is designated as Historical Site No. 122. Buildings of note include Donhwa-mun (built in 1412, rebuilt in 1607, with a copper bell weighing 9 short tons or 8 metric tons), Injeong-jeon (main hall), Seongjeong-jeon (auxiliary office in the main hall), Huijeong-dang (the king's private residence, later used as a conference hall), Daejo-jeon (living quarters), and Nakseon-jae (former residence of Korean imperial family including Princess Bangja.

Behind the palace lies the 78-acre (32 ha) Biwon (secret garden) which was originally constructed for the use of the royal family and palace women. The garden incorporates a lotus pond, pavilions, and landscaped lawns, trees, and flowers. The surroundings and the palace itself are well matched. There are over 26,000 specimens of a hundred different species of tress in the garden and some of the trees behind the palace are now over 300 years old.

Changdeokgung was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The UNESCO committee inscribing the site stated the place was an "outstanding example of Far Eastern palace architecture and garden design" and was exception because the buildings are "integrated into and harmonized with the natural setting" and adapted "to the topography and retaining indigenous tree cover." [1].

The palace people only let large groups of people enter at intervals and travel with a tour guide. Also, they didnt let us go to the northern side of the palace, so we couldn't go to where Biwon lies. I guess this palace gets a special treatment for being a World Heritage site?

Anyway, I had lots of fun here- and here are the pictures:

[Resim: dsc05666zj8.jpg]

Donhwamun-the main gate of Changdeokgung

[Resim: dsc05671nh2.jpg]

there was much stain on the roof due to jangma rain;

[Resim: dsc05672ho2.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05673qz8.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05674id1.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05676lj5.jpg]

over geumcheongyo, one of the oldest bridges in Seoul

[Resim: dsc05677ke9.jpg]


[Resim: dsc05678tm8.jpg]


[Resim: dsc05679pe2.jpg]

like 1/100 of the 'group' is shown here [img]images/smilies/sleepy.gif[/img]

[Resim: dsc05680pb8.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05681sb5.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05683ed0.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05685lf7.jpg]


[Resim: dsc05690tp4.jpg]

injeongjun- the main hall of the palace where the throne is

[Resim: dsc05688ep1.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05699gd0.jpg]

73h 7hr0n3

[Resim: dsc05701yl7.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05706eb6.jpg]

as u can see the weather was crappy

[Resim: dsc05707ch4.jpg]

injeongjun from afar

[Resim: dsc05712ck8.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05714rd3.jpg]

something i really like about old korean buildings is the intricate artwork done under the roof [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

[Resim: dsc05715fe5.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05716tg4.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05717jy7.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05719cq9.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05720bv7.jpg]

Sunjungjun. originally a resting hall, it became an audience hall for civil and military matters. its the only building in the palace with blue roof tiles, which are said to be of immense luxury.

[Resim: dsc05722xb9.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05726yi6.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05728bh8.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05731ld3.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05732ll1.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05734yj4.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05735to0.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05736at0.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05737vw1.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05738rn7.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05739gw0.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05740zw0.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05741nl2.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05743kd3.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05744hf0.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05746vo1.jpg]

awesome roof u must admit

[Resim: dsc05747tz9.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05748ss5.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05749fw1.jpg]

an awesome aspect of seoul is that you can experience both old and new, and urbanity and nature [img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

[Resim: dsc05751lb3.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05753zc2.jpg]

Naksunjae- formerly part of Changgyeonggung, but now managed by Changdeokgung

[Resim: dsc05757ku2.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05758ce9.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05759mc7.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05760tl1.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05761nf5.jpg]

the weather got slightly better

[Resim: dsc05762np0.jpg]

Naksunjae again

[Resim: dsc05766qd7.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05772sh4.jpg]

lotsa rooms

[Resim: dsc05770rf1.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05774kk0.jpg]

a well

[Resim: dsc05775pi0.jpg]

and chimneys

[Resim: dsc05779gm4.jpg]

Naksunjae is very simple but elegant

[Resim: dsc05783mu7.jpg]

Juhapru is a library- first floor was where the book was gathered, and second floor is the reading room. not sure if the books are still there. doubt it though

[Resim: dsc05784tm1.jpg]

Buyoungjung where people held parties and such. The pond is named Buyoungji

[Resim: dsc05785ku6.jpg]

Another view of Buyoungjung

[Resim: dsc05786be6.jpg]


[Resim: dsc05787ut9.jpg]

Younghwadang, i forgot what this building was for --

[Resim: dsc05788qg7.jpg]

Angbooilgoo- Korean sundial

[Resim: dsc05790kb3.jpg]

Bullomun (i wasnt supposed to be here but oh well)

[Resim: dsc05789ln1.jpg]

Aereonji- another pond back of Juhapru

[Resim: dsc05793uw9.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05794am1.jpg]

[Resim: dsc05797fh5.jpg]

And thats all! Hope my unfathomably deficient thread hadn't bored u
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