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Disneyland Coming to Korea!

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Updated Nov.7,2004 20:41 KST

Disneyland Coming to Korea

It has been learned that the U.S. Walt Disney Company, famous for its theme parks and animation, plans to establish an amusement park at Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon.

The Seoul metropolitan government said Sunday that in early August, officials from the company’s headquarters and its Seoul office visited Seoul City Hall to discuss its plan, and the Seoul government offered information on geographical features and transportation around the park.

The U.S. company reportedly checked whether there were houses around the park that would prevent people from setting off fireworks at night, whether the park was accessible by public transportation to attract a large number of people, whether there was an airway over it that could make noise, and whether there were towers set up at the park for power lines that could be moved to other places.

The company originally received recommendations for four candidate sites -- Seoul Grand Park, and Youngjongdo, an islet where Incheon International Airport is located, Cheongla and Yong-yu -- for its plan to build a theme park from the free economic zone planning team at the Finance Ministry late last year. Disney selected Seoul Grand Park as the most prominent site. A Seoul metropolitan government official said the Seoul government and the company had discussed the plan for the last six months. Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-bak promised to build an amusement park like Disneyland that could symbolize Seoul as a campaign pledge during the mayoral election in 2002.

Experts say Seoul Grand Park has competitive advantages over the other candidate sites, including traffic considerations like accessibility for subways and public buses and public awareness. Other candidate sites included Incheon's Chungna district, which is still an agricultural landfill, and the Youngjong-Yong-yu districts, which Incheon city council is trying to develop. Seoul Grand Park, on the other hand, is a multi-thematic park with an amusement park, zoo, and art gallery all incorporated into one.

Disney highly credited the massive recreational facilities of the park, but asked Seoul City whether it was possible to relocate the zoo and art gallery. The city will consider the relocation of certain facilities, if plans are finalized.

Disneyland theme parks have already been built or are under construction in various parts of Asia, including Tokyo Disneyland, which opened in 1983. Hong Kong Disneyland will open October next year, and Shanghai Disneyland in 2010.

(Kim Jun, [email protected] )

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