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clock03-29-2010, 12:15 AM
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Soothsayer predicts China's breakup

China as we know it may cease to exist, a well-known soothsayer has said. Geopolitical changes emerging before the end of the Year of the Cow may pave the way for a divided state that may last as long as half a decade, said Cha Kil-jin, who claims to have flashing visions of the world's future.

"What I foresee for the world now is something that will shake its core: the division of China," he said.

The change, Cha said, is expected to begin starting with Shanghai, one of China's cruxes of development.

Cha cited history as evidence supporting his claims; China -- due to its vast territory and multiple races -- has more history as a divided nation than as a unified one.

"This is the only way China can survive because it is rapidly turning into a full-fledged market economy, and China simply cannot ride that tide as its current bulky self," Cha said.

The soothsayer's forecasts are bound to arouse serious curiosity and possibly even skepticism as China is aggressively making its mark on the world as one of the fastest growing economies.

It also has risen as a powerful figure in the international community, playing the role of a critical dialogue partner to the United States, not to mention most other G20 nations.

"China is not dispersing as in the form of decay, but rather to gather the momentum for its next leap," Cha said.

He said this is the year the dramatic change occurs because Oct. 1 marks the 60th anniversary of the inception of the People's Republic of China.

Should China actually break into pieces, there would be two positive dimensions that South Korea could consider, Cha said.

Reunification of the Korean Peninsula, for one, could be one of the significant byproducts of the parceling off of China.

Although the current nuclear standoff seems quite unlikely to soon produce a rapprochement between the two Koreas, Cha said the change in China would eventually affect the peninsula to help reunite the two Koreas by 2012.

"The form may not be a full-fledged nation, with the two Koreas possibly first working on a confederation state," Cha said.

Echoing most political gurus, the soothsayer saw China as the key to inter-Korean relations, and more importantly, for opening the door to the reclusive North Korea.

"With China's power and influence seriously undermined as a divided nation, North Korea's demise is simply a matter of time," Cha said.

It was only because Beijing has chosen to keep the North afloat for the time being that Pyongyang is being sustained, Cha emphasized, which is why the North would have difficulty standing if China is shaken.

Another issue concerning South Korea is a possible return of land that many claim was rightfully its territory.

"Once mainland China splits up, territories that once belonged to South Korea, areas such as Gando, could be returned," Cha said.

Under the controversial Gando Convention signed in 1909 between China and Japan, China took over what is widely perceived as South Korean territory, according to historians.

Japan inked the agreement in return for railroad rights from China after it forcefully assumed South Korea's diplomatic rights in 1905.

As a prelude to the upcoming events, Cha pointed to the recent racial clash between the mainstream Han Chinese and Uighur people caused by an age-old racial tension still prevalent in the budding superpower.

"More such incidents will come, and some may be in the form of more political riots, while yet more will involve natural disasters," Cha said. "These will all come together to accommodate one of the most dramatic geopolitical shifts in China's history."

Cha -- a full-time Buddhist monk and part-time soothsayer, newspaper publisher and baseball team owner -- in December predicted the "fall of two stars" for this year; the suicide of former president Roh Moo-hyun in May has been interpreted as one "star" that has fallen.

Touching on South Korea, Cha said it was "a year of good fortune" for the nation.


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