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Han River Project

clock03-29-2010, 12:12 AM
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Han River Project to Enliven Seoul

By Kim Tong-hyung

Staff Reporter

Under the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s new urban development plan, the Chamsu Bridge will be changed into a pedestrianonly crossway as early as the latter half of next year.

/Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Chamsu Bridge, on the central section of the Han River, will become a pedestrian walkway from the later half of next year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said yesterday.

The change is part of a five-year, 253 billion won ($267 million) urban development plan, which focuses on adding more open space and strengthening the leisure infrastructure along the Han River, which is known chiefly for its crude, concrete embankments and jungles of cookie-cutter buildings.

``We believe that the Han River is an important asset that we certainly could have better used in the past to make Seoul a more attractive city,’’ Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said in a news conference held at Seoul City Hall yesterday.

``The idea is to redevelop the Han River area, making it the symbol of Seoul, and to have its beauty recognized internationally. It is important for us to make sure that the new project does not disrupt transportation and safety,’’ he said.

According to the plans, the city will spend 3.6 billion won to redesign the Chamsu Bridge, which is the lower half of the double-decked Panpo Bridge, as a pedestrian-only bridge. Jogging courses and bicycle lanes will also be added.

A 2,500 square-meter public park will be built at the southern side of the Chamsu Bridge, equipped with playgrounds and a water garden. There will also be coffee shops, a moorage and other public facilities.

The city will also invest 9.7 billion won to establish massive, artificial waterfalls dropping from atop the Panpo Bridge. The construction of the waterfalls will be completed around June next year, according to city officials.

Aside from the Chamsu Bridge, city authorities are planning changes to five other bridges to make crossing easier for pedestrians. Through the end of 2008, the city government plans to remove one car lane from the Yanghwa, Mapo, Han Kang, Tongjack and Hannam bridges and convert them into walkways.

To improve accessibility, the city will rearrange bus lanes to establish 14 bus stops on each side of the five bridges.

The city also plans to experiment with transport on the Han River. From the latter half of next year, city authorities will establish a water-shuttle service using amphibious vehicles, which they hope to foster as a tourist attraction in coming years.

Additionally, Oh said the city plans to come up with a ``master plan’’ sometime during next year to establish a water transportation system that connects the Han River with the country’s western coast.

Authorities are considering creating ``waterfront towns’’ in areas such as Magok, Noryangjin and Tangin-ri and building transportation terminals on Han River’s major tributaries, such as the Anyang stream and Tanchon stream.
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