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[Japan] Nodame Cantabile

clock07-07-2010, 01:23 AM
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Konnichiwa Minna-san!

so i want introduce one of best Japanese Dorama Nodame Cantabille!

this is live action and it is based on anime and manga!!![img]images/smilies/happy.gif[/img]


Juri Ueno as Nodame/ Noda Megumi

Hiroshi Tamaki as Chiaki Shinichi

plot: (wikipedia)

Shinichi Chiaki is the top piano student at the Momogaoka College of Music and an excellent violinist, but Chiaki doesn't care about playing these instruments as much as he dreams of someday being a conductor. Chiaki, however, has several deeply rooted fears about traveling, and so finds himself "trapped" in Japan. Because he's trapped, Chiaki starts to question exactly how far he can possibly go in music, especially when he's passed over again and again for others he believes less worthy of musical scholarship and fame.

Recently dumped by his girlfriend for a "ham" looking fellow, passed over for a chance to go overseas, and removed from his star spot in the piano competition because he walked out on his piano instructor, Chiaki is at his limit. This is when he meets Nodame, or Megumi Noda. Nodame is a free — and filthy — spirit who reminds Chiaki that music can be fun and what drew him to be a conductor in the first place. In learning how to deal with Nodame, Chiaki learns how to deal with others. Chiaki begins to realize what is possible for him, even within the country of Japan.

For Nodame, Chiaki is everything she isn't. Clean, neat, dedicated, studious and inherently arrogant about his accomplishments and capabilities, Chiaki constantly bullies her into being more serious about life. He sees potential in her and her abilities as a pianist that she doesn't care about. She loves Chiaki and wants to be with him. But, because she's serious about neither her piano studies nor her personal hygiene, Chiaki always denies her affections.

Drawn together in a turbulent relationship, Chiaki's perfectionism and Nodame's untamed nature end up complementing each other. As the story progresses, they mature as individuals, as musicians and as a couple.

Manga progresses the story further than anime.


i love the story line very much!

it suddenly makes me so enthusiastic in Classical Music..the main cast too is so cute![img]images/smilies/lust.gif[/img]

there gioing to be special episode that will be aired in January 2008!

so anyone??
clock07-07-2012, 05:00 PM
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