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Korean/Japanese relations.

clock03-29-2010, 12:37 AM
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Can Koreans and Japanese learn from each other.I have been to Korea many times.I went there 3 times while I was living in Japan 4 years ago.Both countries have alot in common.They share a willingness to work hard and both have prosperous societies becasuse of it.

While I was in Japan,the Japanese spoke very highly about Korean culture.They loved the TV dramas and especially the food.Kimachi is now a national dish in Japan.They love it!!!

However each time I went to Korea the people were extremely nationalistic towards Japan.I got the impression they were preparing to go to war with against them.Everytime I mentioned that I was living in Japan I was either ignored or told to move over to Korea.When I asked why,I was told that the Japanese were a cruel and an insincere race of people.

This couldnt be futher from the truth.The Japanese are some of the kindest and most honest people on the planet.They live in huge cities with virtually no crime.They are always welcoming to foreigners,including Koreans.It makes me sad that alot of Koreans are still angry about the war.It happened over 60 years ago.

Its now time for all Koreans to look to Japan for inspiration and friendship.The Japanese are starting to discover the joys of Korean culture and food.Many Japanese are now planning to tour Korea on golf holidays and food tours.This can only be good for two truely wonderful Aisan countires.

Long live Japan

Long live Korea.

clock07-07-2012, 05:56 PM
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