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Let me introduce Yuseung District, Daejeon

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Yuseong is very famous for hot spring

The Yuseong Hot Springs is approximately 11 km west of downtown Daejeon. The water temperature is kept between 42 and 55°C, and it is an alkali radium spring with a pH of 8.4. Because of these distinctive qualities, the water is said to be good for various kinds of skin diseases, neuritis, digestive disorders, obesity, and gynecological diseases. The water is characterized by long-lasting warmth after bath, an improvement in blood circulation, softening of skin callous and the relief of the relief of stress. Such effects over a more prolonged period. however, cannot reasonably be expect the in a short time. they, requir baths. Located in the city, it is a representative urban spa in Korea around which a lot of high buildings, accommodations, and restaurants are located. Besides, the neighboring Yuseong Country Club, the Ggumdori-dongsan, the Expo Science Park, etc. invite many tourists who want to go sightseeing and have a hot spring bath.

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Inside of city

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Here is the story about Yuseung spa( very interesting )

At the decline of the Baekje Era, a mother who sought drugs for her son who had been seriously wounded in a battle during the Silla dynasty, saw a crane with a wounded wing on a snow-capped field. It immersed it self in a water puddle and was cured. She then let her son put his limb in the water and it was cured completely. After that, she built a hut near the fountain and invited many ill or injured people to bathe and treat their diseases there.

This is the spa area of Bongmyeong-dong. In the Joseon dynasty, King Taejo and King Taejong visited and bathed here, and many people swarmed to this area, to bath in the open spa. In the 1970s, the development of this region began many in earnest. Nowadays, there are more than 100 motels operating here.

마지막으로 사진들의 질이 안좋아 그럴분이 있을거라 생각되진 않지만 제 사진들을 퍼가시거나 다른 곳에 게시하시려고 하신다면 미리 사전에 허가를 요청하시길 정중히 부탁드립니다.꾸벅 [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]
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