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My pictures, but nothing from Korea (low connections friendly)

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Hope you'll like those, (most likely you will). I think you'll see the progress I made between Dijon (my first picture session here) and Budapest (the last).


Dijon was once the capital of the Duchy of Burgundy (this is where it is tricky, there was a Duchy of Burgundy as a part of France, and a Kingdom of Burgundy at the same time with Cluny for capital).

Unlike I've seen it on many forum, most building aren't gothic or baroque. The main architectural style is Romanesque. But not pure Romanesque, it's mixed up with younger methods of building that came from the gothic and baroque style, true. It's the birthplace of Gustave Eiffel, and also a strong production place for wines, mustards and various liquors. Ginger bread from Dijon is also famous.

The most important building there is the Palais des Etats de Bourgognes (Palace of States of Burgundy), wich is the actual name. The old name was the Palais des ducs (Palace of the Dukes). It was built by the Dukes of Burgundy as their residential place. It also because the administrative place of the region of Burgundy. The dukes of Burgundy, even if they were vassals of the French kings betrayed France during the hundred years' war and lost. The dukes lost all their power and became totaly assimilated by France.

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne01.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne02.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne03.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne04.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne05.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne06.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne07.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne08.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne09.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne10.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne11.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne12.JPG]

[Resim: Palais_des_Etats_de_Bourgogne13.JPG]

In front of the palace, you can see the Place d'Armes (Square of the Weapons). Ii was built in the form of half a circle. Because the Dukes were disgusted at the poverty of the city (they ruined it themself, let it be clear)and wanted to see only the richs in from of their palace.

[Resim: Place_dArmes01.jpg]

The Abbey, Sainte Begnine, is also an important landmarks. It's the necropolis of the last Duke of Burgundy.

[Resim: Sainte_Benigne01.JPG]

[Resim: Sainte_Benigne02.JPG]

[Resim: Sainte_Benigne03.JPG]

[Resim: Sainte_Benigne04.JPG]

[Resim: Sainte_Benigne05.jpg]

[Resim: Sainte_Benigne06.JPG]

[Resim: Sainte_Benigne07.JPG]

Saint Michel could be a simple church. But it's one of the most beautyfull of Dijon (if not the most beautyfull). The Dukes of Burgundy were crazy at churchs and built a lot of them. Maybe the highest concentration of churchs of France. At the expense of the average citizen of Burgundy.

[Resim: Saint_Michel01.JPG]

[Resim: Saint_Michel02.JPG]

[Resim: Saint_Michel03.JPG]

The Cathedral of Dijon is Notre Dame (Our Lady), it's a nice one, but not the best. It's one of those mixed style churchs. The particularity of this churchs, is it has a small (not very damaged) statue of a howl on its side. It was the symbol of luck in the former celtic belief of Gaul. And many people just come from all the city to touch it to get luck. Before exams or others.

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon01.jpg]

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon02.JPG]

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon03.jpg]

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon04.jpg]

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon05.jpg]

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon06.jpg]

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon07.JPG]

[Resim: Notre_Dame_de_Dijon08.jpg]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon14.JPG]

Here you can see the Statue of Rammeau, born in Dijon and great Baroque musician.

[Resim: Statue_de_Rameau01.JPG]

[Resim: Statue_de_Rameau02.JPG]

The Square Darcy, in a park, partialy designed by Eiffel.

[Resim: Square_Darcy01.JPG]

[Resim: Square_Darcy02.jpg]

[Resim: Square_Darcy03.JPG]

[Resim: Square_Darcy04.JPG]

[Resim: Square_Darcy05.JPG]

Saint Phillibert is one more Romanesque mixed church built right next of Sainte Begnine. Talking about church density.

[Resim: Saint_Philibert01.JPG]

Saint Jean just a few steps away. I don't have a clear picture of his bell tower. But you can see it in one pics of Sainte Begnine.

[Resim: Saint_Jean01.JPG]

The Marché Eiffel (Eiffel Market), is the marketplace. It was designed by Eiffel.

[Resim: Marche_Eiffel01.jpg]

The Hotel de Vogue is a former private hotel (in a long time ago, it just meant a big house). Now it's an administrative building. Here you can see the backside of the entrace arch. With a lot of trash.

[Resim: Hotel_de_Vogue01.jpg]

The Hotel Chambellan, is the office of tourism. When you're visiting Dijon and want infos on events. This is the place to go.

[Resim: Hotel_Chambellan01.jpg]

[Resim: Hotel_Chambellan02.JPG]

[Resim: Hotel_Chambellan03.JPG]

[Resim: Hotel_Chambellan04.jpg]

[Resim: Hotel_Chambellan05.JPG]

The Hotel de Frasans, this one is a real hotel.

[Resim: Hotel_de_Frasans01.jpg]

And a small Arc de Triomphe

And pics from various place of the city itself. With minor square. You'll see also the colored roof. Typical of the Burgundian architecture and make you believe you're in Austria.

[Resim: Arc_de_Dijon01.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon01.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon02.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon03.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon04.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon05.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon06.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon07.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon08.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon09.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon10.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon11.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon12.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon13.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon15.jpg]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon16.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon17.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon18.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon19.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon20.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon21.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon22.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon24.JPG]

[Resim: Rue_de_Dijon25.JPG]
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