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My trip to Kyoungjoo city-video

clock03-29-2010, 12:04 AM
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I had a really good time on my trip to the Kyoungjoo city where is located in the

South-eastern part of South Korea.

However the weather was not so good but anyways I realy enjoyd the trip there.

Kyoungjoo city,it used be the capital of Shinra Kingdom for over 1,000 years therefore you will see many of historical remains there such as royal tombs,old temples and stone pagodas etc etc etc.

[Resim: korea-map-web.jpg]

Look at the map above please,Kyoungjoo city is located near Wolsong.

Maybe when you guys visit Korea oneday,I would love to show you around the city.

I personally love this city very much.

I had taken video images from my trip in Kyoungjoo city by my camcoder,Do you want to see them?

Ok you can see the video files which I had taken from my trip.

The additional explanations are from the official website of Kyoungjoo city.


1>The first one was from the Bunhwang Temple.

Located on the north side of Hwangryongsa Temple, Bunhwangsa Temple was the home of many Silla monks, such as Wonhyo and Jajang.

It was founded in 634 A .D. (In the 3rd year of Queen Seondeok), and the monk Jajang had served as chief monk there after studying in Dang Dynasty China.

It is the very temple where Wonhyo wrote many books and brought Buddhism to the common people.

The temple once housed a Cheonsudaebihwa painting and Gwaneumbosal mural by Solgeo, but they were lost after several invasions.

On the temple grounds, you can find a stone pagoda built with rocks shaped like bricks and the Hwajaengguksabi Monument in Wonhyo`s honor.

The well, called Samyongbyeoneojeong, remains intact after more then a millenium and is still in use.

The site of the pagoda is assumed to be the place where King Munmu was cremated.

Please click the following links below so that you can see the video files that I'd taken.

Video 1-From the Bunhwang temple

2>The second one was from the Hwangryong Temple

To the east of Anapji Pond, is located the Hwangryongsa Temple site, the largest one from the Silla Dynasty.

It was built over a long period of 93 years, through four kings, from 553 A.D.(in the 14th year of King Jinheung) to 645 A .D.(in the 14th year of Queen Seondeok).

Originally intended as a royal palace, legend has it that a yellow dragon appeared and the place was rebuilt and renamed Hwangryongsa(Yellow Dragon Temple).

Along with the legend of the guardian dragon, it was considered a symbol of protection for Silla against evil.

Among its treasures were a nine-story wooden pagoda, Geumdong Buddha Triad, Geumdang mural by Solgeo, and a huge bronze bell weighing 500,000 geun (one geun is about.6 kilograms).

Remaining, is a giant protective stone, to remind people of the magnificent scale of that time.

Please click the following links below so that you can see the video files that I'd taken.

Video 2-From the Hwangryong temple

3>The third one was from the 5 Royal tombs,odae mountain around it and the temple.

In harmony with the people living in Gyeongju today, the tombs recall the atmosphere of the ancient capital of Silla.

Of particular note are the tombs near the center of Gyeongju, which unite the Hwango-dong, Hwangnam-dong, Nodong and Noseo-dong areas of the city.

The tombs create a panoramic scene, in their clusters.

They were constructed during the early stages of ancient Silla and have yielded many treasures, including a gold crown.

Please click the following links below so that you can see the video files that I'd taken.

Video 3-From the 5 Royal tombs

Video 4-From the 5 Royal tombs

Video 5-From the Odae Mt

Video 6-From the Odae Mt.

4>The fourth was taken from the Namsan area.

Namsan area is consist of 6 different areas,I was only able to visit the Samneung area and Yongjang temple.

Samneunggol Valley is the most popular area in the vicinity of Mt. Namsan and is laden with Buddhist relics from its entrance all the way to the top.

At one spot, the Maaegwaneum Bodhisattva Statue greets visitors with a warm smile and other Buddhist statues add to the wonderful scenery, in harmony with the beauty of nature.

The seated stone Buddha statue, Maaeseongakyukjon, is carved into an uneven rock and the Seongakyeorae statue is seated, overlooking the Gyeongju plains.

The site of Yongjangsa Temples is the largest one in scale among the sites of old temples here.

Only the torso of a stone Buddha sitting on a three-story seat remains in the old temple site.

According to legend, the stone Buddha turned its head around, following the great Monk Daehyeon, as he circled around praying to Buddha.

Please click the following links below so that you can see the video files that I'd taken.

Video 7-From the Nam Mt

OK I hope you will like my video files.

Take care and give all my best good luck for you guys !

(Best regards and wishes from Jun)

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