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[Photoshop 101] Lesson One: ACTIVITY!

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Tools tutorial

Written by saharial


MegaUpload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PJ6POJNE

YouSendIt: https://www.yousendit.com/download/U...T2JVbS92Wmc9PQ

Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/209366158/ps_tut_1.psd.html

SendSpace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gqm63n

First you need to download this file and open it up in PS as this is what you will be using in this first tools tutorial. Its not difficult and it will be easy to see how tools work together as well as getting used to them. The tutorial covers the following tools. These might seem basic, but it’s a good place to start!


Move tool



Magnetic lassoo



And the following functions:





When opening the file shinhwa_puzzle.psd in PS you should have this view…

[Resim: view1m.jpg]


In the top menu you can see file | edit | image | layer | select | filter | view | window | help

Click on WINDOW and you will see a long list like below. Make sure that the settings with a box round them are as you see them in the image.

[Resim: view2m.jpg]

The aim of this small tutorial is to solve the ‘puzzle’ of the fragmented shinhwa picture. You have 9 layers each with a piece of the puzzle, one layer with 2 pieces and one layer with a puzzle piece and a coloured back ground.

Let’s start with layer 1.

• Select the MOVE tool which is the arrow and plus sign in the top right of the tool box

• Select layer by a single click on it in the layers panel.

• Move the cursor to the image and, holding the left mouse button down you can see that this puzzle piece is on the top layer and you can move it about

Now click on layer three in the layer panel and then repeat the actions as before and you can see you are moving layer three without moving any of the others.

You can also see it is upside down!

Go to edit/transform/flip vertical to get it the right way up

[Resim: view3p.jpg]

And then, move the piece to somewhere in the top left corner, making sure there is a good size border.

Then, go to the layer and lock it so that it can’t be moved.

[Resim: view4t.jpg]

Layer 4 needs to be rotated 1080 degrees

Layer 5 needs to be flipped horizontally

And you can find those commands in the same menu as you used to flip one layer vertically.

Play with the single layers until you get the following image

[Resim: view5f.jpg]

Layer 2 has 2 images – let’s tackle them first!

Method 1 – the marquee.

Click on the marquee tool – the dotted square – and draw a square round one of the pieces.

Then, click on the move tool and move the piece into place as you did before

Then deselect by clicking ctrl + D

Method 2 – the lasso

Click on the lasso button which is just below the marquee and draw a line round the second piece before moving it as you did before.

Then lock the layer

You should have this!! (and yes, there are gaps…Wink

The last and final piece is more complex.

First of all, switch the blue layer – the bottom one- off by clicking on the eye next to it in the layer panel.

Then, with the top layer (layer 1) selected go to the layer menu and ‘merge visible’ which is near the bottom of the drop down menu.

You should then switch off this layer and switch on the blue layer.

[Resim: view7y.jpg]

Then select the magnetic lasso tool. This tool is very funky and cool and detects edges to create a selection area with. Just drag the cursor round the edge of the piece

You should get a result like this

[Resim: view8.jpg]

Then simply cut and paste and a new layer with just that selection will appear

[Resim: view9.jpg]

Then simply use the move tool to place it.

Having a giant border though looks a little messy so let’s crop!

[Resim: view9a.jpg]

select the crop tool

[Resim: view9aa.jpg]

make sure snap is ticked

[Resim: view9b.jpg]

drag from one corner to its diagonal opposite and then click the tick!!
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