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Round trip to Tokyo via Seoul, from...

clock03-28-2010, 11:17 PM
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I'd like somebody's input from this forum who hopefully knows how to help, if possible. I know some of you travel quite a bit. [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

I'm taking a ~3-week vacation, or at least intend to, in June to Seoul. Within that time period I plan to head to Tokyo for about 4 days or so on the weekend... sounds convenient since the two countries are a few backstrokes away from each other, right? Well, despite the short distance, I'm sure many of you know how goddamn EXPENSIVE it is anyway (I don't see anything below $500~600 for a ticket according to travelocity.com).

I've been told it's cheaper to just book the whole trip in one shot, as opposed to booking two seperate trips, if you know what I mean. I plan to call a travel agency about this since I can't find a webpage that gives the option of making multiple destinations. Basically, I want to find the cheapest and most convenient way to book this type of trip (from Houston to Seoul to Tokyo, back to Seoul then back home..). If anyone would know, it would be of great help.

I don't really need to worry about hotels since I'll be staying with the lady, so I can at least throw that factor out.

P.S. - I know this is off-topic for this forum but I don't really see any point in posting it in the Skybar since that forum gets hardly any attention at all. You can move my thread to there but at least it will still be displayed here.
clock07-07-2012, 06:08 PM
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