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SEOUL | Dongdaemoon Design Plaza & Park | Development News

clock03-29-2010, 12:09 AM
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I've been following the development in Dongdaemoon with morbid interest. This area has been on the frontlines of human rights violations in South Korea since Cheonggyecheon was built.

Recently, the baseball stadium was torn down, and now demolition has begun on the main stadium. The people in the flea market there really did not want to leave; they had been promised by then Mayor Lee Myungbag that they could stay there as long as they wanted. Of course the new mayor needs to make his own vanity project, so he evicted them.

About 70 vendors from the flea market refused to leave, and camped out in the stadium. Then early in the morning on April 16, an army of 500 hired goons invaded the stadium and attacked the vendors, beating them and throwing bricks, not holding back even against women and the elderly. The goons were paid for by the city, who regularly contracts companies to provide muscle to evict stubborn tenants. Basically, this company put uniforms on a bunch of unskilled people and paid them each 100 000 won to storm the stadium.

I know that progress is important, but I won't stop thinking about that flea market after the "Design Plaza/Park" is completed.

This is a conceptual painting of what the park will look like when it's completed. I 'm too new to this site to know the maturity level here, so I won't say what I think this looks like, or where my friend is sticking her finger.

[Resim: 98.JPG]

There is a lot of conceptual artwork up around Dongdaemoon right now. Can you see anything suspicious in these pictures of what Dongdaemoon will look like when it's complete? Something notably absent?

[Resim: 76.JPG]

[Resim: 75.JPG]
clock07-07-2012, 05:59 PM
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