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SEOUL - Mok-dong

clock03-28-2010, 11:56 PM
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Mok-dong is a very clean and organized residential area in Seoul. It's one of the newest ones so it's been planned carefully with lots of green areas and huge one way streets. It's a great quiet place to live in, and there's a lot to do now that the Hyundai Department Store (Korean Bloomingdale's equivalent) has opened. Plus, I've the blessing of living in a 24th floor where I can see the Hyperion everyday and the Yoido area too.

Hyundai Hyperion is a 3 building complex where the tallest one is 69 stories(256 mts) becoming Korea's 2nd tallest building and the world's 3rd tallest residential building. The other ones are a 63F (239 mts) officetel and a 54F(201 mts) apartment building.

[Resim: mokdonghyperionafternoon.jpg]

[Resim: hyperionevening.jpg]

The picture above was taken from my apartment and as the rest of the photos were taken with a Canon Powershot s30 digital camera. Between 2 of the Hyperion towers is the Hyundai 41 Tower (41F, 168 mts), an office building for Hyundai Engineering. To the right the black building is CBS and next to it the Happy World Department Store. The building with the antenna is SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) new studio, the twin buildings are also apartment buildings of 32 floors called Mok-dong TwinVille and the far right is KT (Korea Telecom) office tower.

[Resim: hyperionfromanyangchon.jpg]

[Resim: hyundaidept.jpg]

Hyperion II is already under construction and it's gonna be 4 apartment buildings (32F, 34F and two 41F) and 2 officetels (29/31F and 40F)

[Resim: hyperion2.gif]

I never get tired of taking pictures, but it's so hard posting them here!

This is not the best pic but that's all I could get from the 41 storie Samsung Chereville I. It looks better than Hyperion cause it's whole facade is glass. I'll take a better photo and post it some day.

[Resim: IMG_3323.jpg]

Another high-rise apartment building in Mok-dong is Paragon, the tallest is 35 floors, it's next to the Hyundai 41 tower and is still UC (has reached 15 floors).

[Resim: paragon35f.jpg]

A Han River pleasure boat passing the Seongsan Bridge. This bridge has super mega bright reflectors that illuminate the sky at nite. I drove through it once when it was snowing and it felt like driving on a cloud. An unforgettable experience... It's the closest Han River bridge to Mok-dong and it links it to the Sangam area where the World Cup Stadium is and the DMC is gonna be built.

[Resim: Seongsanbrige.jpg]
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