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Seoul Nightlife: Bustling Gangnam

clock03-29-2010, 12:04 AM
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Located south of the Han river about 10 km from Seoul's first downtown, the area known

as Gangnam underwent spectacular growth in the last 25 years. What used to be farmlands

in the late 1970s is now a district bustling with high-tech businesses, tons of

skyscrapers, and awesome nightlife. Here's how the area now looks like from above:

[Resim: 20041209132118168rv.jpg]

Whether it's on the weekend or on weeknights, Seoulites looovvve to go out. The

electrifying atmosphere, the quality and diversity of the establishments, and the

proximity to the workplace make Gangnam one of the most popular spots in the city.

Gangnam is filled with great restos, coffee shops, saunas, norebangs (private room

karaoke), norepa (karaoke with a stage), DVD-bang (private movie theater with leather

couches), pool clubs, movie theater, dancing clubs, PC-bangs (rooms where you can play

networked computer games), bars, bars with live music, and my personal favourite, skybars.

Nothing quite compares to sipping a rocket-fuel cocktail outdoors on a 10-story high

terrasse overlooking the Gangnam skyscrapers! Folks, don't flame me, that's just my

opinion: maybe another type of cocktail might be more suitable for you.

Ahh.. I almost forgot, but in case this might interest you, there's a sufficient

provision in Gangnam of showgirl bars, "room salons", "love motels", and "nightclubs".

"Room salons" are places where people go together and get served drinks by hostesses.

Depending on how pretty the hostesses are, it costs about 400,000-1,500,000 wons per

evening. That's all I know about these establishments. I've never been there, of


More interesting places are the so-called "nightclubs". Contrarily to the west,

"nightclubs" in Korea are places where not much dancing and loud music is happening:

instead, they most often look just like bars (sometimes with a small dancing stage),

but with the ladies seated at different tables from the gents. Then, seeking a good

catch, both parties send messages to each other through a nightclub employee. In

case of instant love, the pair could then go visit a "love motel" located conveniently

nearby. It's mostly men and women in their late thirties or fourties who go to these

places, the younger crowd preferring the dancing clubs (i.e. just like the nightclubs

in western countries).

On with the pictures!

Some shots taken from the big streets:

[Resim: img11556em.jpg]

[Resim: img11618il.jpg]

[Resim: img11794rd.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1344.jpg]

Follow me through the smaller streets:

[Resim: IMG_1147.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1153.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1254.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1255.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1260.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1273.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1277.jpg]

A couple of fun bars:

[Resim: IMG_1264.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1270.jpg]

Keeping the best for last, one of my favourite restos in Seoul: Puccini. Great

italian food, live piano concert every night, and not too expensive (a table

d'hote goes for around 30,000-60,000 wons per person)

[Resim: IMG_1345.jpg]

So many establishments in Gangnam have fantastic interior decoration. Next

time I go, I'll try to remember to take some shots of the inside as well

and post them here.

gunbae, everyone!

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