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Street Roaming in Downtown Seoul: Jongno

clock03-28-2010, 11:22 PM
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Jongno-gu is the name of the area where Seoul's first downtown

is located, on the north shore of the Han river.

Here's how it looks like from above:

[Resim: centralseoulresize1wz.jpg]

During the weekdays, the streets are filled with

middle-aged professionals. As the night progresses, they make

way for a younger crowd who roam through the lively small

streets filled with bars, restaurants, and norebangs. Very

popular throughout Korea, norebangs are small private karaokes:

i.e. a music room rentable by-the-hour which can hold 5-15

people or so (in Korean, nore=sing, bang=room).

Here's how going out in Jongno feels!:

[Resim: img13279qb.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1292.jpg]

[Resim: img12854cl.jpg]

[Resim: img12957nv.jpg]

[Resim: img13027pf.jpg]

[Resim: img13037cy.jpg]

[Resim: img13116zs.jpg]

[Resim: img13191ma.jpg]

[Resim: img13206jl.jpg]

[Resim: img13219ae.jpg]

[Resim: img13309rz.jpg]

[Resim: img13282hf.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1325.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1339.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1315.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1316.jpg]

[Resim: IMG_1308.jpg]

[Resim: img13234ey.jpg]

Great ambiance, isn't it?

You can experience it first hand every evening monday to sunday

from 7 pm till the late night at the Jongno-3-ga subway stop.

Hope you liked roaming through Jungno with me.

cheers, everyone.

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