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i want to apologize on behalf of some chinese forumer for their anti-korean conduct.

clock03-29-2010, 12:42 AM
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after going through threads in city vs city forum, i am ashamed of some comments made by certain chinese forumer toward korea and koreans. no wonder anti-china feeling is running high among some koreans. however you have to understand not many chinese have a bad view about koreans. Many of them are simply trapped into this flame war. to be more specific. the source of the problem is this troll under the name of...well..he has a lot of ids to name a few, chinese in england, starcraft, no one lives forever, sclover. and now he's returning back as sinoforce, he's obviously biased toward korea and consistently attacks korea on international forums, as the mod of chinese forum i will make sure such trolls are banned. i also want to ask you to do me a favour next time you see an anti-korean comment from a chinese forumer, dont just start attacking china because if other chinese forumers see it they will justs starte badmouthing about korea and that's exactly how some flame wars started. it's just a few who are causing the trouble. You can report the bad post or simply PM me. we need to get rid of the few troublemakers. but the the good relation we enjoy shouldn't deteriorate because of them.

again i am sorry for the misconduct of some of my fellow chinese, i also like to work more closely with the korean mod here.
clock07-07-2012, 05:11 PM
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